Tiffany E. Smith

Hi there! 

I'm Tiffany. I am a social entrepreneur who is passionate about solving really hard problems with innovative technology. I founded a company called Tiltas, a technology platform aimed at helping non-profit organizations serving disenfranchised groups, communicate better and more efficiently via text messaging. I am now seeking to shift into roles that allow me to leverage my experiences to help organizations use technology for good.


I fundamentally believe in the power of technology doing good in the world. 

A little bit more about me:

I've helped coordinate business school students across the country to raise money to support organizations fighting against civil and racial injustice.

I've won some pretty cool awards from a lot of really amazing organizations and institutions that support my work with Tiltas.

My Hobbies:

I am a strategic advisor to a social media influencer Instagram account called WhiskyArch, which is run by some of my best friends. 

I am the COO of a lifestyle brand and carnival concierge company, The LX Experience, which takes people to carnival in Trinidad and Tobago (the best party on Earth!).

I help my friends build websites and brand identities for their companies, Exhibit A: Blank Slate CDM.

I am on Earth to do as much good as I can.

I hope my legacy speaks to that.


Some things I am looking to get into in 2018:

Public speaking engagements with youth, especially youth of color and opportunity youth...

All things related to the Caribbean, specifically the Jamaican diaspora, and leveraging resources to improve the status of the Caribbean islands...

All things related to the intersection of social impact, design, and tech...

Curated social experiences that have a hyper focus on providing quality over quantity (and potentially even being the creator of them)...

Photography and documenting the experience of Founders of color...

Reach out to me if you have any of the above in your pocket and want to brainstorm/collaborate.